Solar Systems

Trusted Local Solar Installation Experts

S R Electrical Solutions can provide design, sales and installation of solar grid connect systems, suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial customers.

Ranging from smaller 1.5kW to larger 100kW systems, we can help you design a system that best suits your needs.

We can also give advice on reducing your electricity bill whilst doing your bit for the environment. Solar grid systems have a payback period of approximately 3-7 years and with Government rebates still available, now is the time to act.

Hail Damaged Solar Systems

In the summer of the late 2020, many savage storms wreaked havoc across the Springfield Lakes community and wider area, S R Electrical Solutions have been actively involved with this community in replacing and repairing the affected solar systems and other electrical items. With some hail stones the size softballs, the devastating damage will never be forgotten by the impacted.

Let S R Electrical Solutions help you get your system up and running again.

We have been also assisting many insurance repair agencies with timely turnarounds on:

  • Solar system roof removals – (Make Safes)
  • Full documented system reports on existing systems with thermal imaging
  • Like for like or obsolete upgrade / full replacement systems

Hail Damaged Solar Systems Advice

  • The first indication that your system may be compromised if not already isolated is your inverter screen (if applicable). A compromised panel will generally cause a fault code or fault to earth reading. IF there is no screen and there are a series of blinking lights, this also may indicate a fault. All brands are different and these are displayed differently.


  • Avoid getting on your roof to inspect the panels if you suspect an issue. When a solar panel is broken or smashed from external influences such as hail, a trail of glass and debris is usually around the affected area, not to mention the possibility of voltage leaking onto your roof through the compromised panel that could lead to an electric shock. Call us immediately if you suspect broken panels.