Air Conditioning Services

  • Residential Split System Installation
  • Residential Split System replacement
  • Commercial split system Installations
  • Commercial Cassette systems Installations
  • Fresh air fans (FAF) & Split systems for schools


As Brisbane’s summers can be hot and sticky, you want the best quality air conditioning. SR Electrical Solutions can assist in air conditioning in your home.

We only use quality systems that offer the best warranties, for your peace of mind. We also offer air conditioning cleaning services, to keep your existing system functioning longer.

S R Electrical Solutions can provide the perfect climate control system to suit your home. From quiet small single split system air conditioners to multi-split units capable of cooling or heating various rooms at the same time. Our technicians will supply and install the most economical split system for the type of area desired, for cooling or heating


S R Electrical Solutions can assist in small to medium scale air conditioning installations from small office spaces to larger scale infrastructure.

With up to date knowledge of the products on today’s market, we can ensure your business gets the right air conditioning as required for your  space.

All of our commercial installation work is handled with great professional care. Special consideration is given to the location of the new air conditioning unit for safety, convenience and maintenance.

The long term welfare of your air conditioning is also part of our service. We can also arrange ongoing preventative maintenance and cleaning solutions, that will see the life of the new air conditioning units extended and the performance of the systems maintained.


School A/C Installations

Air conditioning in Schools has become a priority across SEQ Government and particularly, in Queensland. The ability for our local Brisbane students to be able to concentrate on their schoolwork and to be physically comfortable in their learning environment is proving essential to achieving a positive learning outcome. S R Electrical Solutions has been involved in aiding local schools with design and installation of air conditioning systems.

The installation is completed with a high quality of workmanship, keeping in mind the installation location of the units with adequate protection against vandalism. Once the job is completed, all associated documentation is handed over, with a cleaning program if required.

The long term welfare of your air conditioning is also part of our service, and we can also arrange ongoing preventative maintenance solutions and cleaning, that will see the life of the new air conditioning units extended and the performance of the systems maintained over the longer term.

Air Conditioning Cleaning

Keep your house and workplace safe and let S R Electrical Solutions clean your Air conditioning units today!

Keep you air conditioning unit free of potential airborne illnesses arising from harmful mould, bacteria and germs living in your indoor air conditioning units. By keeping your unit clean and in a safe working order it could also help you save on electricity bills!

S R Electrical Solutions has tailored cleaning packages that are designed to eliminate harmful mould spores and bacteria growing on the air-conditioning coils, creating a better quality of air. It also designed to reduce the build-up of dirt and grime.

The chemicals in the spray are 100 % non-toxic, non-acidic and environmentally friendly. The solution is used to remove 99.9% of all odours, bacteria and reduce running costs of the unit.

It also aids the air-conditioning unit to run efficiently, increasing the longevity of the unit. Dirty air conditioning coils reduce your cooling capacity by 11%, putting more strain on the outdoor condenser unit by increasing your power consumption by an estimate of 16%.

Benefits of a clean A/C system

  • Extends the life of you’re A/C unit
  • Improves air quality by removing harmful mould, germs and bacteria
  • Increases performance of the unit, the unit is running more efficiently.
  • Increases Airflow, so the unit doesn't work as hard, and the areas cool or heat faster
  • Assists in maintaining a healthier work / home environment

Everyday symptoms of a dirty and contaminated A/C Unit

  • Loud Compressor Noise
  • Auto Shutoff
  • Water Leaks
  • Intermittent Cooling
  • Irregular temperatures

Sometimes the symptoms vary between some of the following general complaints with contaminated air conditioning

  • Headaches, persistent cold and flu symptoms
  • Drowsiness or fatigue
  • Itchy sore throat, allergies and sneezing
  • Dry sore eyes
  • Tightness of chest, asthma or respiratory problems