RCD testing

A safety switch (RCD / RCBO / ELCB) is a device that quickly switches off the electricity supply if an electrical fault is detected, to minimise the risk of electricity-related fires, electric shock, injury and death.

By law, safety switches protecting power points and lighting circuits and electrical accessories must be installed. If you are unsure whether your protected with a safety switch, contact S R Electrical Solutions for advice or to have one installed today.

In Australia, commercial RCD testing is a mandatory procedure that is required to assist in maintaining electrical safety in the workplace.  S R Electrical Solutions can assist in the periodic mandatory testing of these devices. We can also provide log book compliance, so as a building owner you have a digital log book to add to your facilities manual.

Test & Tag

Test and tag is a mandatory electrical inspection of portable electrical appliances and equipment in all workplaces.

S R Electrical Solutions can provide testing and tagging of all your electrical appliances and accessories in any work environment. All portable electrical accessories and equipment all have different testing intervals pending on the workplace environment. Call S R Electrical Solutions today to have your items test and tagged correctly.

Safety inspections

An electrical inspection is performed by a qualified electrician, to investigate any electrical safety issues throughout any type of property.

This inspection covers a large variety of items that can include RCD protection, recalled items, potential fire hazards, overloading circuits and faulty smoke alarms. We will also ensure that all electrical accessories and cabling meets the required standards. If there are any concerning issues, then a report will be generated for repairing

  • Purchase of a new property – Residential / Commercial or Industrial
  • Recurring issues – intermittent power outages or safety switches tripping
  • If your property was constructed prior to 1991
  • If any DIY works have been performed or suspected
  • After a storm damage or ingress of water into a ceiling cavity
  • S R Electrical also suggests having thermal imaging inspections of commercial switchboards conducted yearly. These inspections are a preventative inspection that indicate possible electrical issues by thermal detection.

Surge protection

Surge protection is an inexpensive essential electrical accessory to protect your electrical equipment and property in a likely event of damaging voltage surges or a lightning strike.

A surge protector attempts to limit the voltage supplied to electrical accessories by diverting the dangerously increased voltage to ground to protect delicate electrical items in your workplace or office space.